Equality and Inclusion

Key Facts

  • The global average score has improved by 2%.
  • A 5.71% improvement in the score for economic marginalisation suggests that more young people are being pulled out of extreme poverty and have improved opportunities for economic security and inclusion.
  • Fewer young women are becoming pregnant before age 20, increasing their chances to pursue a career and achieve financial independence.
  • Improvements have been made towards gender equality with improved scores for gender parity in literacy (by 2.13%) and proportion of youth NEET (by 1.85%) and incidents of early marriage among young women (improved by 1.1%).
  • There has been no significant change in gender parity in safety and security. Significantly more young men than young women around the world report feeling safe in their communities.
  • The gender gap in feelings of safety is widest in the world’s most peaceful countries, suggesting that gains in peacefulness have, thus far, disproportionately accrued to men.
  • Over 70% of Commonwealth countries received scores in this domain consistent with Very High or High levels of youth development.
Top Global Performers in Equality and Inclusion
Rank Country Score
1 Luxembourg 0.991
2 United Kingdom 0.988
3 Spain 0.985
4 Ireland 0.98
5 Austria 0.978
5 France 0.978
5 Norway 0.978
8 Slovenia 0.977
9 Israel 0.974
10 Germany 0.972
10 Lithuania 0.972

Report Highlights

Download the report for insights into:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on young people with disabilities.
  • The data available to measure differential impacts on young men and young women, young people living in poverty and those with disabilities.
  • How the Leonard Cheshire Foundation is promoting inclusion and participation through a Disability Data Portal which helps to measure the experiences of youth with disabilities in education and employment.
  • Examples of #YouthTakingCharge by promoting equality and inclusion on issues related to gender, peace, social justice, decent work and health.
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2020 Global Youth Development Index Report