Health and Wellbeing

Key Facts

  • More than half of countries score highly on this domain because of consistent investment in this area. The Health and Wellbeing domain recorded the largest improvement at 4.39 per cent.
  • The world’s mortality score has improved by 12.1%.
  • The rates of HIV, self-harm, alcohol abuse and tobacco consumption also improved by less than 2% each.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa improved the most.
  • 20 Commonwealth countries received Health and Wellbeing scores consistent with the Very High or High levels of youth development.
Top Global Performers in Health and Wellbeing
Rank Country Score
1 Singapore 0.927
2 Maldives 0.913
3 Israel 0.906
4 Bahrain 0.903
5 Spain 0.901
6 Italy 0.887
7 Portugal 0.885
8 Jordan 0.875
9 Serbia 0.873
10 Kuwait 0.87

Report Highlights

Download the report for insights into:

  • How the 2020 Commonwealth Young Person of the Year is making emergency medical services available to rural people in Bangladesh.
  • Why road traffic crashes have been the leading cause of death among young people between 15 and 29 years old for over a decade and what we should do about it.
  • The role of legislation and policy in protecting rights to mental health services and support.
  • How sport supports youth mental health and builds community cohesion in South Africa and Sierra Leone.
  • Examples of #YouthTakingCharge in Health, including 11 COVID-19 Heroes who have helped their communities respond to the crisis.
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Download the Youth Development Index

2020 Global Youth Development Index Report