Political and Civic Participation

Key Facts

  • Political and Civic Participation was the only domain to record an average global deterioration, albeit minimal at 0.18 per cent.
  • Worldwide, 102 countries deteriorated, while 79 improved.
  • On average in 2018, only 20% of youth in each country reported that they volunteered their time; while 16.2% reported that they had voiced an opinion to an official in the previous 30 days.
  • In contrast, recognition of young people‚Äôs investments in improving their communities has increased on average by over 10%.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa recorded a nearly 5% improvement in the average regional score.
  • Australia, Sierra Leone and Uganda are the Commonwealth countries who are among the best performers.
Top Global Performers on Political and Civic Participation
Rank Country Score
1 Indonesia 0.425
2 Liberia 0.415
3 Australia 0.412
3 Honduras 0.412
3 Luxembourg 0.412
3 Sierra Leone 0.412
7 Uganda 0.41
8 Austria 0.408
9 Ireland 0.405
10 Nepal 0.4

Report Highlights

Download the report for insights into:

  • The principles, structures and processes of rights-based youth participation.
  • The principles of youth mainstreaming and their relationship to effective participation.
  • How young people have participated in the global, regional and national processes to design youth development indices.
  • How the Commonwealth Secretariat is mainstreaming youth participation in its work through The Foundry.
  • The perspectives of global and regional youth leaders on priorities for action.
  • Examples of #YouthTakingCharge by promoting democracy, racial and economic justice.
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2020 Global Youth Development Index Report